Sunday, July 21, 2019

Think before you Leap

By Mary Steamerson


Computers and the Internet are two of the most addictive technologies ever invented. There is a merger of computers, Internet, software and the Cloud happeniing as I type this article.

These technologies makes the work of man even more efficient and effective. It also helps in making work a lot faster with less hassles.  Aside from purchasing computers for their own benefit, people are also busy purchasing gadgets and accessories for their computers.  A good source of technology information regarding computers and the Internet is IPL, this resource has some interesting information about application service providers.

Gadgets and accessories are now available in the market to help personalize computers, as computers help us in doing work night and day, some gadgets also help computers. Gadgets and accessories are usually connected to the computer via the USB (Universal Serial Bus) port. They effectively minimize more the hassle of working individuals. Among a few of these said gadgets are paper shredders, electric fans, pencil sharpeners and the like. Business people often face much larger decisions that cost a lot more money.  How their decisions are similar to a home users purchase thought process.  Business people may have to choose between Oracle, Cisco, 3GCgroup, IBM, etc.  It does not matter if your business in manufacturing, software, areospace, defense, you still must make mission critical business decisions on a daily basis.

These devices are simple mechanisms at home or in your office that you may have never thought of plugging it in the computer. These gadgets minimize your time and save an ample amount of energy. Before, you had to get up from your computer workplace and go to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. Now, you can just plug in through the USB port a cup warmer, and you're ready to mix your own coffee just beside your computer. It is not only efficient but is also time-saving. Examples of computer accessories are keyboards, mouse, speakers and the like. Through these accessories, one could increase one’s virtual experience. Without this, one could never type in an article, Mouse also has the same function. They help in clicking, dragging and organizing your files in the computer. Speakers produce sound, which is very much applicable to those who would like to make calls to a distant relative through the internet.  Nowadays, you can purchase all of these wonderful products on the Internet and have them delivered directly to your doorstep.

Gadgets and accessories are indeed very useful. The issue is not of whatever gadget you have or how advance your accessories are. The common question among computer user’s minds is that which among the items would be the best among all???

There are three key points that one should consider in purchasing such items. These are the item’s USEFULNESS, EFFICIENCY and AFFORDABILITY.

Usefulness refers to how often the item is used and would it help or just waste your time. In choosing for the best gadgets and accessories, one should come to think if whether the product is in need or not. Do you really need the gadget or accessory or not? Some would rather buy a particular item just for the sake of pleasure and the convenience not necessarily putting into consideration if the item is in need. Don’t waste money for it isn’t easily earned. Learn to purchase with appropriate thinking.

Efficiency refers to the ability of the item to accomplish a job with a minimum work expenditure of time and effort. One should question if the item would mean a difference in his or her work. Would it make the work faster? Would it create fewer hassles on the part of the worker? One should put into consideration the time and effort once the item is at hand. Purchasing is not only thinking of what would happen in the present but would also involve thinking of the possible future circumstances that one would encounter.

Affordability refers to whether or not the buyer can afford the item. It is believed to be within ones financial means. Can I afford this item? One should also come to consider the financial status of the self. If the item is until without of reach, you can always buy it a bit later. There are some instances that buyers would just buy not even thinking of how much they have spent.

As a buyer of these computer gadgets and accessories, you should always be wise. Learn to think out of the box. Do not think of what this gadget means to you during the present. Think of whether or not it is still useful soon.  Remember, money is not grown from trees. Learn to budget it the best way you can. These gadgets and accessories can wait. There are more important things than comfort and pleasure. It is up to you to decide.