Sunday, July 21, 2019

Manpower Movers San Diego owes me $6,000

One of Manpower Movers San Diego many unhappy client reviews above.

Background of my legal case against the conman and scammer Brian Casey of Manpower Movers San Diego is below.
Also I explain the details of how Brian Casey wrote a fake review in Yelp, and stupid Yelp publishes this fake reveiw as the only review for my company.

Brian Casey of in San Diego owes me $6,000 and he defaulted on the money he owes me and failed to appear in court. I have a Default Judgement against him from the court.

Defaulted means he failed to fulfill his obligation to pay me the money he owes me, and he failed to appear in a court of law.

Brian Casey is rude, arrogant, and a punk.  He has never been a client of my company and he posted a review on Yelp that is false.  Of course most people should know by now that Yelp cannot tell a real review from a fake review

I have never talked with Brian Casey and he has never paid me $1, so how is he a customer of mine? 
Why would Yelp allow a person like this to write any reviews?  This just shows how horribly defective Yelp is.  Brian Casey can totally scam me and rip me off and then go into Yelp and write a review about my company when he was never even a client of ours.  Furthermore several excellent reviews from my real clients have been deleted by incompetent Yelp.  This is one of many reasons why so many people hate Yelp.

Brian is a conman who cheated me out of $6,000 and that is why he defaulted and did not pay the money he owes me and why he did not show up in court.

Brian thinks he can do whatever he wants and he can cheat and scam his way out of it, the worst part is he is so self-centered and arrogant that he thinks he has done nothing wrong even after a Judge decided that Brian Casey owes me $6,000.

I am seeking a good collection agency to collect for me from Brian Casey.

If you think you can help me collect the money he owes me please contact me:
Tom Forrest
Phone: 818-937-1404

Brian Casey
Manpower Movers
7960 Silverton Ave. #125
San Diego, CA 92126

Email: - this no longer seems to work
Phone: 866-782-8882
Cell: 619-961-8800

It is time for the world to learn about Brian Casey of

We will be writing many interesting articles about him all over the Internet and when you do searches on Bing and Google they will be easy to find.