Sunday, July 21, 2019

Computer Device Drivers

            Computers are built in the image of man as man was built in the image of "God".

            Did you know that humans and computers have a lot of things in common? Sure you do, however, to see in that light, you need to establish that there are subtle similarities between humans and computers. This is every important because you’ll need this critical awareness before you can make the huge connections.

            Now moving on, everyone knows that computers need to have hardware to perform complex tasks. You might be thinking, "Yeah? So what’s so human about that?" Before you jump to conclusions and finalize your thoughts about this, think for a moment! What we take for granted everyday might just be what computers will be doing in the future.

            Returning to the present, in science class, everyone learned that the human body has different organs, which have different functions that allow the human body to function. Now get this, in terms of "functionality" organs and hardware, they are "synonymous," to a certain degree.

            Now that we have established that both humans and computers have bodies full of functioning parts, which function in similar ways to allow complex functionality, we can now delve deeper. Please, No matter what genuine emotions of disgust or outrage you might have about this topic, read until the end! Remember, the highest rewards are not what you get out of it, but what you become of it.

            Getting back to the topic, do you know what makes the human being human? Well, one good answer to that question would be, "Our very nature is what makes us human." However, regardless of what your excellent personal answer might be. The next question is sure to raise a lot of inner debate and feed upon your curiosity.

            If humans were born with that thing/capacity that makes humans, human, then the next question would be, "Where does it come from?" Asking questions like these might be pretty philosophical and useless, however never consider, reaffirming your beliefs and values as useless because that too is what makes humans, human. 

            Getting back to the second question at hand, if you were to analyze it, from a scientific point of view one might say, "It’s a built in feature in the human DNA." On the other hand, from a religious point of view a dogmatic one might say, "It is the will of GOD! Period." and an open minded one might say, "That’s not important in my life, what’s important is that I live in accordance to teachings Jesus Christ." Lastly, from a philosophical point of view, a behavioralist might say, "It comes from a person’s environment," so on and so forth.

           Getting back to the original topic at hand, now that we’ve established that human nature must’ve come from somewhere, and that has to have origins. The next step is to determine what that origin might be, and that’s where computer device drivers come in.

            By this time, you might be thinking, "What the HELL? This author must be NUTS!" However, if you’re thinking along that line of thought, bear in mind the subtle similarities! What similarities are you asking? Remember, the device driver is the computer "program," that allows other more dynamic computer programs to interact with the hardware.

            The human brain does the same thing with the human body; it allows humans to easily do the things we do everyday. So, in a sense, a device driver is like the computer’s counterpart for the human brain and in that same sense you can come to see that the "primitive" origin of human nature is the "programming or paradigms" themselves.

            A simple definition for the word paradigm would be, "how each human sees and understands the world around him." In contrast to how a computer analyzes inputs, you can now see how similar humans and computers are at a primal un-evolved degree. However, this should not come as a surprise because computers "were" created in the image of man.

            A good final thought about this would be, "There is nothing wrong with a future where computers can do what we can easily do today. That’s because computers will never be able to, totally replace a human being because humans are more than the sum of their parts… Or are they?"