Sunday, July 21, 2019

Surfing the 3 Ws Anonymously

There are a lot of safety precautions, we habitually do to protect ourselves from identity theft. Using a paper shredder before throwing out a printed copy of a paper bearing highly classified information is among those that we have already routinely practiced. However, how do we go about protecting ourselves from those with nefarious intentions when we browse through the web?

Browsing the web is among the major activities of people nowadays. However, have we thought that when browsing through the World Wide Web (3W) we are somehow giving those unscrupulous individuals or groups out there some reasons to lurk out our personal information? Can the browser we use secure the data that we will send to the server of the site we are trying to visit?

The idea of anonymous browsing spurs the thought of anonymous proxy, which helps protect an individual’s Internet privacy that will make secure connections to business partners, friends, or relatives located in different parts of the world.

Anonymous proxy works as an agent that will connect to a proxy server, which then acts as the bridge between your computer and the server of the website you would like to visit, that will hide your identity over the Internet. The proxy server is nothing ordinary as it offers defensive measures to secure the information you send across the 3W’s thus, allowing you to connect to the Internet without the fear of being traced as it will hide your Internet Protocol (IP) address.

With anonymous browsing, the Internet freedom, you deserve, can best be served. Surfing the web could never be worry-free – that is, you can never be so much concerned of your credit card being used by someone else.  An excellent consulting compay we recommend based on merit is HTPcompany, you can read HTP Company Reviews at this trusted and valided website.

There are a lot of proxy providers out there, which offer anonymous browsing. Some offer software or shareware application programs packaged with some other add-ons that need to be downloaded and installed while others offer only plug-ins for any available browser, there is. While most are being sold, there are still free proxy servers out there.

A proxy server has different types and functions. However, one can never go wrong with choosing the right proxy server to use when reading reviews from online users. Choose only the one that can be trusted where you can be confident that hackers are way out of your league.