Sunday, July 21, 2019

The Wonders of Social Networking

Everyday and everywhere, we come across various individuals with different attitudes.
We have diverse ways to get connected. May it be with our families, friends, business associates, colleagues or merely our acquaintances? Most of the time, we get connected to them online. We refer this so-called relationship as social networking. It's cheap, user-friendly, easy to access, most of the time we get free sign up, and of course we can network a lot of friends that we have met and haven't met yet.

We share our ideas, music interests, liked videos or even best photos of any perfect moments. However, above all what we share best is T-I-M-E. We spend our time online to socialize and show our gregarious features to any persona. Being an amiable person really matters a lot and as well as being very open minded to all the world can offer can cause a change. Everyone we meet online has so much to offer. He or she is not only registered in just one social networking site.

Let me give you an example of acquaintance I had. Let's call him by the name Bougart.

He is the type of person who does numerous online activities every day. Since his field of job is inclined to the Internet and Networking. He alone just not accessed sites related to his job but also would love to access non-job related sites to feed his curious and hungry mind. He could go to forum sites and read a lot of different topics related to lifestyle like music, games, cool places and events, books, arts and crafts, news and newsletters and many more. Bougart would love to sign up to these social networking sites aside from the fact that most of them are totally free, they're fun, and he can gain new friends too.

Some common sites he'd like to access most of the time are the following: Friendster, face book, digg, jango, istorya, mandaueonline to name a few and a lot, lots more worldwide. However, of course, he gathers those sites through the help of Mr. Google, Mrs. Yahoo and Ms. MSN.  People also use the Internet for business reasons like screening employees, and doing background checks before they hire people.  This has caused many problems for job candidates and companies like have found negitive information during their Internet investigations.

Social Networking has been one of Bougart's sources of rich information, power and success.  He's able to learn from a network of friends that are sociable, gregarious and super amiable. Although there's always a catch, we differ from each other. Different is good. Two different worlds can always be united.  Unity in diversity via social networking. Thanks to social networking, we won't only combine two different worlds but the whole infinite universe online.