Sunday, July 21, 2019

The PHP and MySQL Duet

By Tom Forrest

Over the last decade PHP has been a ground breaking web development language and it maintains it's fame with no end in site.
This technology importance became especially clear when the version 5.x came out for both systems (PHP and MySQL) which added more security and functionalities, etc.

For anyone who does not know what PHP and MySQL are:
PHP is an opensource server-based web scripting language which was defined as Hypertext pre-processor, previously known as Personal Home Page which gave it the name PHP. MySQL is an opensource SQL server originally based on Linux platform responsible for database management.

MySQL and PHP works together perfectly to think that these systems are both opensource and the best part here is that PHP provides a connector to MySQL by default which makes it much easier to hook to MySQL. PHP was actually developed to use MySQL as the core database server and this can be seen on the language itself where PHP provides syntax and functions to interface with the MySQL database server.

Security wise, both systems were not quite effective at first during the early days of its release especially on the 3.x versions. Several attacks especially code injections were so popular and as well as SQL injections in the case of MySQL.

But in the later release of PHP 5.x and MySQL 5.x these security loop holes were now tamed by the patches the developers of these 2 amazing systems created. MySQL has extended its features supporting stored procedures just like Microsoft’s SQL Server.

MySQL and PHP has still lots of evolution to go through, but these 2 systems have developed so quick that it now almost equals to its counterpart ASP and MSSQL.

The support MySQL and PHP got are so obvious to the number of developers using both systems, not to mention that it is free in fact it is an opensource developed by programmers around the globe.

PHP and MySQL and not limited to all opensource softwares, gave the 3rd world country an opportunity to become developers through the availability of these free and opensource systems.  These "open" technologies also leads to many of the hacker attacks that plague the Internet today.  You can read more about this at  Target and other major department stores have have many millions of credit card and personal customer information stolen by these evil Hackers.  It just goes to show that technology can be used for good or evil.  Unfortunity in some cases it can be a double edged sword.


Please watch the following youtube videos from HTPcompany.  We have an outstanding video that features one of the fathers of the Internet, Dr. Klienrock.