Sunday, July 21, 2019

The Battle Between Satellite and Cable TV

How does one intend to get entertainment at its best at the comfort of his own home? Definitely having a home entertainment system is the best answer for this. However, with what kind of television (TV) connection would be best? From among the many available connections out there, two proves to be equally competing with each other. These are: the satellite TV and the cable TV. A careful dissection of the features of these two will reveal what one really wants in his entertainment system.

A lot of factors are to be considered in choosing what type of connection to get: is it satellite or is it cable TV? Here are some of the comparisons between the features of both connections:

Basic Features

By Popularity – Since cable TV has been around in the market for a long time. Therefore, it is more popular than satellite TV. However, since satellite TV is still a new technology, it is gradually getting popular in the viewing consumers.

By Customer Support – Customers are really keen on having a good customer service from the company that they are subscribing into. According to the Customer Satisfaction Survey by J.D. Power, satellite TV beats cable TV in terms of the ranking in the support and services.

By Installation – Since satellite TV requires less cable than cable TV. Therefore, it is easier to install. Also, it can be installed in practically any location in the world as in comparison to the limitation of the cable TV – the cable itself. One more important thing is that satellite dish installation is free while some cable companies charge installation fees.

By Coverage – It is really clear here that satellite TV can cover more than cable TV. Just have the dish placed in a good location and then signal reception will be just fine. Almost any place in the world can have a satellite dish while cable limitations can cause cable TV not to reach remote areas.

Programming, Advance Features, and Pricing

Channels  Cable TV on the average will have 180 channels while satellite TV can reach up to 350 channels depending on the provider.

Picture Quality – Satellite TV provides a 100% digital audio and video while only those digital channels in cable TV provide, an all-digital pictures and sounds.

Pricing – Cable TV has more overhead cost such as franchise fee, equipment cost, pay-per-view subscription fee and taxes, and not to mention its $40 per month fee for the subscription. While having a satellite dish have a price range from as low as $20 per month to as high as $30 per month inclusive of the installation and equipment fees.

Equipments – Satellite TV needs 1 satellite dish and up to 4 receivers while cable TV needs cable boxes. While the satellite systems are free for the consumers, they only have to sign a contract for a 12-18 months subscription. On the other hand, cable TV offers customer lease to the cable box set and therefore, asks for fees for the lease in the bills.

Sports Programming – Both offer sports programs such as baseball, basketball, football, soccer, and some other ESPN sports.

High Definition (HD) Programming – Both offer HD programming; although, cable TV has a limited bandwidth as in comparison to the dish TV.

Pay-Per-View – Although both offer this feature, the limitation is on the number of channels that each offers. An average of 40 channels for cable TV while 80 channels for satellite TV.

Satellite Radio – Satellite TV can have up to 73 channels while it varies by provider in Cable TV.

International Programming – Satellite TV features Chinese, Pilipino, African, Italian, Japanese, Korean Russian, Arabic, Greek, and Asian programming while it varies by provider in Cable TV.

Other Extra Features

There other extra features that both offer – like the parental control, internet services, and VOIP services. Having these features may just be the right one needed for an entertainment system, but if you are just an occasional watcher, an analog TV might just be enough for you. However, if you crave for more channels, better sound, and good picture quality, then maybe it’s about time to upgrade into either a cable TV or a satellite TV. The power is in your hands, grab that remote now!