Sunday, July 21, 2019

Message: You are Invited to Join the Group!

The use of computer has already reached miles since it was first employed for military operations only. Since its usage was made available to the public, a lot of people have already benefited from it. From the variety of games we played, to the clips of videos and music we watched and listened to, to the countless number of websites we browsed, the number of files created by encoding reports, presentations, letters and others and to the number of people we get connected to via sending of email messages, online chatting, and through the different networking sites we joined.

These days, when one talk about computers and internet, most never fail to mention not only about email messaging through Yahoo but as well as the different social networking sites such as Friendster, Facebook, Twitter and many others, which became popular not only to computer savvies but to almost everybody who spends time sitting down in front of computer. With the aid of these networking sites, people from all around the globe had an easier way of connecting and keeping in touch with their loved ones, families, and friends. It also serves as a portal to meeting new people and exchanging information about each other.

Members of these sites create their own profile and also have the freedom of personalizing the design of their web pages and creating multiple accounts - all belonging to the same person. Some members even hide their real identity by using aliases and posting of photos or images of other people. With these websites, a person has the capability of sharing not only some of their personal details, hobbies, interests but also anything else they want to post including the different events and happenings in one’s life through posting of different pictures, videos and posting of comments. One can also add a friend’s friends and even invite other non-members into joining the community by sending invitations to their respective email addresses. Aside from being a part of a big network, each member may also organize their own group or clan with the same interests, lifestyle, or it can also be a fans' club, or an organization which supports a person or a certain movement or activity. This feature is similar to the high school practices of organizing clubs such as the Math or Science club and to the college’s fraternities and sororities. Some people had not only exchanged conversations online but some even continued their connection in person. No wonder, a lot of people often resort to these sites to find friends, romance or just somebody to hang up with. To some, these sites do them a lot of favor especially when one wants to reach out to others to open up but are having some issues with their confidence in facing other people and in having conversations with others.

Some social sites are intended for specific groups of people like those who are into online gaming and sharing game cheats and tactics to their fellow gamers. Students and people pursuing careers in the field of computer technology and electronics also created their own networking sites and sharing some programming codes and some computer strategies for both software and hardware in helping them in the different projects they are making as well as posting some updates with the rapid developments with the technology in the market; And many other networking sites were developed for people to exchange information with. These social sites even serve as a channel for some groups, sectors and organizations in the extending information to people as well as gathering information and help.

Though the nature of these networking sites is for connectivity of one to another, unfortunately, some people are using the influence of these sites for conducting their dark, immoral or harmful intentions to other people.

Because of the success and the growing popularity of the different pioneering social networking sites, a lot of websites transformed the look and feel, design of their sites and added features similar to these networking sites to invite more users into joining their community. With the connectivity of these networking sites, a new virtual community has emerged with people coming from different parts of the globe.