Sunday, July 21, 2019

Top Internet Marketing Tactics with High ROI

In an ideal world, one would be able to employ every single online marketing tactic available so that they would have all channels covered and therefore increasing their sales exponentially. However, the reality is, nobody has the resources, the money or the time to implement everything. These limitations have forced companies and individuals to choose what Internet marketing strategy they would focus on.  For many businesses it is very expensive to generate a good lead and once they do if it is for a high dollar sale, then a face to face meeting is also important to win the new client.  Even in todays modern Internet times being well dressed and professional looking helps a lot.  Perhaps one should consider updating their business suits or for a low cost way to update your business look men could try buying a few new designer ties and some designer shoes.  These are lower cost options to purchasing a new designer business suit.

Please remember that the aim to any marketing effort is to build your brand, let people know about your products and services and get more sales. In terms of these, a few online marketing strategies stand out. These have been proven to promote your brand while also generating that all too-important conversions. Here are some:

E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing allows you to communicate directly with your target market, putting your product in front of them on their computer screens. With a cleverly crafted e-mail, you can instantly capture their attention and spur them into buying your product. E-mail marketing can help you reach more of the people you want to target at a much lower cost than other Internet marketing strategies. It is one of the most effective too. Forbes Magazine, in its Ad Effectiveness Survey found that e-mail marketing is one of the top three effective strategies when marketing online.

Cons: Concerns about spam have been e-mail marketing's dark twin in all these years. As a marketer, it is easy to, just send your message to one person, as well as a thousand. And while most people would think that more is better, this is not necessarily true for e-mail marketers. You have to make sure that the person you are sending to would be interested in your product. If not, you would only do more harm by damaging your brand's reputation as a spammer.

The best way to go about this is not to rush in building your e-mail list. You can invite people to join your e-mail list to get product updates, discounts and other content that they would be interested in.

Internet Advertising

Another strong avenue for you to explore is search engine advertising.

The Internet Advertising Bureau revealed in February 2009 that the spending budget of companies that is earmarked for Internet advertising grew by more than 19% and that 60% of any company's total online budget is spent of search advertising.

The beauty of search engine advertising is that search engines like Google or Yahoo could easily match your advertisements with people who might be interested in them. When a person enters a search query, Google takes the terms he or she uses and looks for a matching advertisement. Just try searching for kokeshi dolls in Google, and you would find a "Sponsored Link" to a store selling the same.

Cons: Search engine advertising can be very difficult to monitor, and if you are careless, it is easy to run up a huge tab. What is more, if your products are all too common, your advertisements would cost you more, and it would be more difficult to show your ads due to the increased competition.

Search Engine Optimization

The Internet currently home to more than 26 billion Web sites. Indeed searching for a product or a service can get you search results that included more than hundreds of thousands of Web sites. It is important that, not only are you found in these search results, you should land in the first page or top 10 as well.

The premise behind search engine optimization is that you could somehow influence your site’s ranking on search results by employing tactics and techniques designed to make your site seem more relevant to the search terms that you are targeting. This means that SEO can help you get your site on the first page of search engine results for any keyword you want. This in turn leads to more visitors, clickthroughs and sales.

Cons: Search engines are constantly updating and modifying their search algorithms, so you have to stay on top of developments related to SEO and be ready to apply them to your site. What may work now, will no longer work in the future.

One way to get around this is to get help from SEO companies, but this can be a costly undertaking.